About Us

Club of Arts (COA) is a learning center that provides people with disAbilities access to participation in life skills classes and visual and performance arts. By offering affordable classes, COA students have the opportunity to attend more than twenty classes weekly, learn life skills, express themselves artistically, strengthen their independence, increase their self-confidence, and enhance their community integration.

The mission of the Club of Arts is to provide an art atmosphere that promotes creativity, independence, dignity and integration.


  • Make the arts more accessible to those with disAbilities.
  • Expand community integration and provide programs where people with all abilities are engaging in the arts together.
  • Encourage diversity and inclusion.
  • Participate in community art projects and programs.
  • Generate community awareness about people with developmental disAbilities and issues concerning the disAbled population.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to showcase their visual and performance arts in community events.
  • Enhance the vocational and practical skills of students.
  • Create programs and an art atmosphere that encourages independence and community.
  • Encourage and provide extraordinary art programs and classes.